Brief Introduction of the Company


Brief Introduction of the Company “Tanan Impex” LLC has been established on 7th January, 2002 with the purpose of creating the water well point with engineering construction as well as building hydro technical buildings.The company is 100 percent domestic investment company, one of leading at the sector, comprised human resource of over 350 qualified and skilled employees in the field of business, drilling and hydrogeology which is capable of competing with foreign invested companies of the same business trend. In 2013, Tanan Impex has been granted by ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate, has been successfully implementing the system in all aspects of the Company administration and operation.

Foresight: To be a distinguished company in Drilling Sector

Goal of our company: The main purpose of our company is to play a significant role in the development of geology and mining sector of Mongolia through our dedicated contribution and efforts by conducting hydrogeological and mineral exploration drilling work with the latest, advanced and environmentally-friendly technologies, introducing safety and health management system in compliance with relevant domestic and international rules, regulations and standards.


  • Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Mongolian National Mining Association
  • Mongolian Drilling Association
  • Mongolian Society of Economic Geologists

    Main business activity:

    Geological exploration / Mineral exploration /

  • Reverse circulation drilling method
  • Core drilling method

    Hydrological exploration / Well drilling /

  • Air percussion drilling method
  • Rotary drilling method
  • Rotary percussion drilling method

    In last 11 years, we have been providing our customers with services such as conducting mineral exploration drilling with NQ diameter up to 3000 meters, HQ diameter up to 2300 and PQ diameter up to 1000 m and water well drilling with the 530 mm diameter up to 1000 meter. Our company has been conducting our activities through 6 independent units which are General Director’s Office, Internal Audit and Control Department, Policy Planning and Technology Department, Administration and Human Resource Department, Finance and Planning Department, Utilization, Maintenance and Service Department. General Director’s Office is responsible for organizing and managing the daily activities of General Director, ensuring the regular activities of the company on daily basis. Internal Audit and Control Department is responsible for ensuring that all the Safety , Health and Environment procedures are followed at the company and all the activities of the units, departments and field works have been conducted in accordance with relevant Company rules and procedures, standards and regulations applicable. Policy Planning and Technology Department is responsible for ensuring that all the projected works have been conducted in a high quality manner with relevant technological methods in compliance with Safety, health and Environment procedures. Department shall be responsible for preparing bid materials for the proposed projects , planning the necessary equipments, machines, technological tools and spare parts and monitoring the implementation of the projected works and maintaining the persistency and normality of the drilling works. Finance and Planning Department is responsible for reporting the financial situation of the company in a fair and prompt manner, provide the domestic and foreign customers with accurate information and implement effective internal and external monitoring system. Administration and Human Resource Department is responsible for ensuring the regular activities of the company, developing and implementing relevant rules and regulations, thus, maintaining the effective legal environment in the company in order to ensure the stability of the company. Utilization, maintenance and Service Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of machines and transportation vehicles, their utilization, safety, storage and security and the provision, organization and management of necessary transportation vehicles for Office and Field work in a prompt and persistent manner. Hydrogeology unit of the company consist of a project coordinator,2 senior hydrogeologists /Consulting Engineer of Mongolia/, 7 hydrogeologist engineers and 2 airlifting brigades, 3 pump testing brigades and 2 set up and installation brigades, total of 7 brigades. Airlift has been conducted in terms of hydrogeology exploration and production boreholes cleaning and predictive data obtaining of groundwater pumping rate using high capacity Atlas Copco, Ingersoll compressor /10-25 Ba. Calibration test, Step test and Constant Rate test has been conducted with 1-30L/s Variable Speed Drive Pump with the capacity of 1-30L/s. Borehole design has been developed by Log Plot software and hydrogeology parameters and data are processed by Aquifer Test software. The estimation of groundwater resource has been done by using modern 3D mathematical modeling Modflow software in collaboration with DMT Gmbh and Co.KG. In terms of employment and career opportunities, Tanan Impex LLC is open and welcome to those who are willing to dedicate his or herself to the company, those who have basic technical proficiency. In collaboration with Mongolian Drilling Association and other vocational training institutions, our company actively conducts trainings among unemployed people in order to grant professional skills and provide them with further employment opportunities. Preparing the skilled specialists of drilling masters, the key personnel of the drilling sector in Mongolia and providing them with work places are considered as the integral part of the company’s main activities. In this regard, our company closely collaborates with institutions and organizations which actively organize significant trainings and support their activities financially and professionally. Since 2009, a partnership agreement has been made between Tanan Impex LLC and Vocational Training Center of Nalaikh province. Within the framework of this partnership agreement, approximately 30 million MNT has been invested for improving the facilities and educational environment of the Center in terms of 2011. Also, we organize paid internships at the company and successful students are granted with employment opportunities.

    Foreign relation and cooperation:

    In 2009 we have been selected as official distributor of Cortech LLC, the leading company in China in terms of its Core drilling equipments. “Cortech” LLC produces and supplies modern, well designed drilling equipments for geological exploration in the market. We constantly review and ensure that our supply of goods and services are to meet the needs and requirements of our clients and customers. As we are domestically invested company in this sector, we are aware of our social responsibility and on timely basis we organize and participate at certain activities in order to give our dedicated support to our society through donation and investment.
  • Long term partnership agreement has been conducted with the Professional Training and Production Center of Nalaikh district, which runs its activity under jurisdiction of Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. According to this partnership agreement, investment has been granted for the furnishing of drilling master classroom of that school as well as schoolroom, named after “Tanan Impex” LLC, has been established.
  • Activity named as “Water day” has been organized respectively jointly with the Water Authority. For instance, the essay writing and hand picturing competition have been organized successfully every March of each year.
  • Since 2002, “Tanan Impex” LLC has been organizing the “Student Scientific Conference” annually named after its Company amongst the related universities and students.
  • Investment for „Young inventor‟ competition by MNB since its early year.
  • Every year we organize scientific conference of “Young scientist” named after Mongolian first geologist, Doctor Dugersuren Jaltsav with Scientific Academy.
  • In scope of cooperation with Mechanical Engineering Institute at MUoST, invests Tanan team in ABU ROBOCON to select national leader, organized by MNB BOCOM”

    Cooperating Clients of our company:

  • Ministry of Food Agriculture and Light Industry
  • “Baganuur” Joint Stock Company
  • “South Gobi Sands” LLC
  • “Gurvansaikhan” LLC
  • “Petro China Daqing Tamsag-Mongol” LLC
  • “Tengri Petro Chemicals” LLC
  • “Gurvan Zam” LLC
  • “Golden Sea Petroleum” LLC
  • “Coret Energy” LLC
  • “Oyu Tolgoi” LLC
  • Gobi Exploration LLC
  • “NIC” Joint Stock Company
  • “Shunhlai” group
  • “MCS” Group
  • “Mongolian Diamond Tool” LLC
  • “CGBM” LLC
  • “Mongol Ventures” LLC
  • “CAMS” LLC
  • National Science Academy
  • Dugersuren Fund
  • University of Science and Technology - Mechanical Engineering Institute
  • University of Science and Technology – Hydrological Institute
  • Mongolian National Broadcasting
  • “Monnis” Group
  • “Tsetsens Mining” LLC
  • “Mongolian Land and Oil” Corporation
  • “Narantuul Trade” LLC

    Tanan Impex” LLC aims to conduct customer-oriented and high quality activity through observing rules and regulations on safety, health and environment, in compliance with the Mongolian and international standards. Here:
  • Comply applicable legislatures and standards of Mongolia in terms of nature and environment ,
  • Protect the environment,
  • Conduct our activities on the basis of the best and eco-friendly practice and technology,
  • Demonstrate high-qualified environment rehabilitation work at the area where drilling work has been completed,
  • Ensure all techniques and technologies, construction and buildings and the camp are set up effectively in a appropriate condition, Within the framework of the policy, we constantly conduct the environment rehabilitation and land-utilization work at the site upon completion of our drilling service and if necessary, formal written report has been submitted to the relevant Inspection and Monitoring Authorities of the local area. Besides our mission to conduct hydrogeology and mineral exploration drilling using environment- friendly, non-harmful and advanced technology in compliance with relevant Safety, health and Environment procedures, standards and legislatures applicable in Mongolia and to give our contribution to the development of mining and geology sector of Mongolia, we are also aiming at improving the working condition of our employees, increasing their salaries, grants, expanding their professional knowledge and skills and enhancing our activities directed towards the society.